Sustainability Project Piccola Valle

 The design and construction phase:
    • The construction was done by renovating an existing building.
    • All construction work was done with local craftsmen and local companies.
    • The materials, as far as possible, were purchased locally.
    • Only high-performance materials were used to ensure insulation.

During the season:
    • We carry out door-to-door collection for a differentiated garbage collection as close to 100% as possible.
    • We use well water for the houses and recovered rainwater for irrigation.
    • The four villas and the Fontanina are zero emission (all electric).
    • We use electricity entirely from certified renewable sources.
    • We are trying to completely eliminate single-use plastics, example. ice cream spoons, straws..
    • We have internal electric mobility.
    • We use “Ecofriendly” detergents.
    • Our gardening tools are for 75 % electrics.
    • We do not use chemical fertilizers or chemical herbicides.

We use electricity entirely from certified renewable sources